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Welcome to Thakurji Papers- leading Corrugated box manufacturers in Himachal with a wide range of packaging products i.e. Corrugated box manufacturers, corrugated carton box, Duplex boxMulticolour printing & packaging, fruits, and vegetable box, Mono Cartons, Brown kraft paper box, Box with partition etc. Thakurji Papers was established in the year 2010 with a vision to turn into the customer’s first choice in the packaging industry. We are well equipped with the finest available production and testing facilities. We have a dedicated team for manufacturing and quality assurance. Timely supply and quality is our strength that always exceeds customer belief. These boxes are designed by our experts with the use of modern machines and skills. They are available in many specifications and grades.

What is Corrugated Box?

In the late nineteenth century, Albert Jones invented Corrugated Box and this simple invention has revolutionized  the  world of  commerce. It  is  today the universal  shipping  material.  Corrugated  box  manufacturers   plays  very important role to provide the cheapest, most intelligent and most environment friendly way of transporting commodities from the factories to the market.


The technique follow by Corrugated Box Manufacturers and its basics – Fluted paper when stuck to a flat sheet of paper on both sides from a single wall corrugated board.

  1. Single Facer

A single facer is the simplest type of board. It consists of a liner to which a flute is glued. It is primarily used as a protective padding.

  1. Single wall corrugated

Single wall corrugated is the most common and popular type of board and is produced in large quantities. This is also known in India as 3 Ply board. The outer liner is mostly of heavier gsm and better quality. This is to facilitate printing on the board.It consists of three elements:

  • An outer liner
  • A flute
  • An inner liner
  1. Double wall corrugated

The Indian corrugated box manufactures called this 5 Ply board. When should a double wall corrugated board be used? Obviously when the loads are heavy, the size of the box is large, or when highest burst is required to provide increased protection to the product.A double wall board consists of five elements:

  • An outer line
  • A narrow flute
  • An intermediate liner
  • A wide or medium flute
  • An inner line
  1. Triple wall corrugated

The corrugated box manufacturers usually advice of triple wall corrugated board when it is to produce a material which is extremely rigid and which is highly stress resistant. Its thickness can reach up to 12mm or more. Obviously the more liner and flutes are used, the more expensive the corrugated board will be.A triple wall corrugated generally consists of:

  • An outer liner
  • A narrow flute
  • An intermediate liner
  • A medium flute
  • An intermediate liner
  • A wide or medium flue
  • An inner line
What is corrugated
3 Ply corrugated board
5 Ply corrugated board
7 Ply corrugated ply

Our Objectives- To become best Corrugated box manufacturers

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To reach customer satisfaction by supplying supreme quality products with delivery on time

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To maintain the quality of products through our experts innovative ideas and experience


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To accomplish growth in the business by significant investment in infrastructure and equipment.

Our Product Range

We, Thakurji Papers are the best Corrugated Box Manufacturers with different sizes, shapes and weight. We create supreme collections of boxes like Corrugated Box, Duplex Box, Die Cut Box, Craft Box, Printed Box, Multi Color Offset Printed Carton, Plain White Box and Outer Carton.

Kraft Paper Corrugated Box

Printed Box

Duplex Box

Box with partition and plates. Also available in Duplex box

All types of Monu Cartons

Corrugated Rolls for wrapping


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